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The Newport Parent Cooperative Preschool was created over 40 years ago under the direction of the Community Colleges of Spokane. We strive to be a valuable asset to our community by providing a quality learning environment, not only for children but their parents and caregivers as well. By being involved with their child’s learning experience, parents have the benefit of furthering their personal growth and parenting skills, while also receiving peer-to-peer support


What is a Cooperative Preschool?

“Unlike traditional preschool or child care, co-op is an educational setting designed for the whole family. In addition to providing kids with a quality early childhood program, cooperatives also focus on parent education through seminars and hands-on learning”.



Strong Social Connections

Attending a cooperative preschool has the rewarding benefit of creating lasting friendships between children. Many of our families begin attending when their children are infants and toddlers and continue on over the years, creating familiar routines and bonding experiences for their children. Even many of our parents have created lifelong and supportive friendships with each other.



Field Trips

Field trips provide opportunities for children to learn from real-world experiences and strengthen ties with members of their community.


Our Team


Erin Mack

Jana Mueller

Chairperson: Krystal S.

Enrollment Coordinator: Kaitlyn J.

Treasurer: Brooke F.

Secretary: Kayla B.

PAC Rep: Emily M.